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UAT strives for excellence in building sound accounting and consulting solutions to assist the business owner with improving performance while managing the regulatory environment. We advocate for our clients across a variety of sectors including banking, insurance, taxation, and workforce compliance and development.


Accounting and Bookkeeping

Do you understand how your records and books should be managed in your business? Regardless of the size of the business, we strive to help our clients develop and operate accounting systems that provide useful and accurate information to the business owner so that sound decisions can be made. We can help you with developing new systems or refining existing systems.

Tax Returns

You spend enough time in your business running it. Are you really qualified to navigate the complexities of Business Tax Laws? We provide tax preparation services to keep our business customer in compliance with Federal and State regulations. The tax return is also a critical piece needed in obtaining business bank loans, business credit, and selling your business.

Small Business Consulting

When your business has challenges or needs, do you think you can find the solutions? Are you a generalist or a specialist? Too often, business owners want to do things their way; figure things out on their own. Do you want to spend your time and energy in areas you are not gifted in, or are you wise enough to admit what you do not know? We can help you improve and grow your business by assessing your business in the following areas: Business Analysis, Systems Analysis, and Operational Analysis.


Hiring and maintaining a workforce is essential to many in business and we can assist the business owner with operating payroll systems so that employees are paid in a manner consistent with the regulatory environment. We can help you, the employer, understand the responsibilities and the costs associated with employees, as well as compliance with Federal and State Employment Laws.

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